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Free Gas USA, Inc.

Starshine started this conversation

Click the link to see the requirements and who can qualify for free gas program. 

I saw this while at for a man who needed gas money to get to his cancer treatments and one member there suggested he try this site listed above. So I thought I would pass this along to people who need gas money for medical appointments, for work and even to go to the grocery store.

Here is a little about it and see the link for application and rules. 

 Welcome to Free Gas USA Inc. We are the nation's preeminent nonprofit gasoline grant assistance provider. If you are a poverty-stricken United States citizen in need of gasoline to drive to work, medical appointments, school, grocery shopping, etc., we are the program for you.  Grants are awarded monthly to pre-qualified candidates based on your level of income, need, circumstance and the availability of grant funding. To determine if you qualify for a grant, please read all of the instructions on this website before you attempt to submit your application for processing. Thank you and good luck.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to music girl
U welcome
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Thank u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to music girl
The person u just posted to not been on here in some years now sorry
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music girl
Do you still have funds for gasoline for getting to work?
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I need gàs for are anniversary thank you 323 9018231
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